Tina Bolton

Tina Bolton is working as a news writer at Bitcoinprice.international. She has good knowledge about the crypto industry. She always believes that digital currency will change the future.


Banxso: Earn Significantly by Trading in Multi-Asset Classes

In the digital age, the millennial population is quite keen to invest in assets rather than liabilities. Now, everyone loves to follow Warren Buffet’s famous saying, “Don’t save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.” The sound’s incredible, isn’t it?  Today, you have various investment options available in the market […]Read More


Power Ledger Migrates From Ethereum to Next-Gen Blockchain

Power Ledger, an energy trading technology firm in Australia, has announced its migration to Solana from its blockchain platform, the Power Ledger Energy Blockchain. It is quicker and can handle more transactions. The blockchain-enabled technology, which is already being deployed worldwide, provides a safe platform for auditing and securing renewable energy purchases and sales. John […]Read More


1exchange Partners with ACRA for Seamless Trading

Taking pride as Singapore’s trusted blockchain-powered exchange portal, 1exchange (1X) has entered into a strategic public-private partnership with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), the country’s corporate regulator. The partnering firms will facilitate streamlined integration between the exchange and ACRA share register through a series of APIs, including Transfer of Shares APIs for 1exchange […]Read More


Square Assigns 1 BTC for Black Bitcoin Billionaire

The fintech-rooted firm Square has earmarked a significant portion of its revenue stream for minority upbringing. In its latest public statement, Square declared that it would be designating BTC cryptocurrency worth $5 million for its minority benefit program. The primary Black ethnic BTC Billionaire beneficiary has been elected by Square for the 1 BTC reward […]Read More


White House Reviews ‘Defects’ in Crypto Trading

In the past few days, taking an unprecedented turn, the crypto industry has raised the concern of the White House administration, lawmakers, and chiefs of central banks in the USA as they kickstart the fight against the new challenges posed by the field. As per the report, earlier this month, the White House personnel held […]Read More


Salmon Arm Gets Its First Bitcoin ATM Installed in a

The city of Salmon Arm in British Columbia (B.C.) got its first Bitcoin ATM installed by HoneyBadger, which will allow people to both buy or sell cryptocurrency for cash. With its installation near a Dollar Tree store in the Centenoka Park Mall, the total number of cryptocurrency kiosks operated by HoneyBadger in B.C. reaches 30. […]Read More