Bybit’s Crypto Competition Prize is 200 Bitcoins, Worth $2.4 Million

 Bybit’s Crypto Competition Prize is 200 Bitcoins, Worth $2.4 Million

Bybit has recently announced that it will host a global competition for cryptocurrency traders, called the Bybit World Series of Trading. According to its announcement, the prize money of the World Series of Trading competition is set at 200 Bitcoins, which is currently estimated to be worth $2.4 million.

Bybit will be hosting thousands of crypto users across the world. The World Series of Trading competition will promote the interests of digital consumers towards cryptocurrency trading. This year, investors and traders from all parts of the world are actively rushing towards owning Bitcoin, making BTC the most valuable crypto asset in the world. Capitalizing on this market trend, Bybit is using its cryptocurrency trading platform to host a global competition for thousands of crypto traders.

The massive $2.4 million prize money of Bybit’s World Series of Trading competition is making headlines around the world. Being a leading platform for cryptocurrency derivatives trading, Bybit is reaching out to its users and associates for this competition. Since 2018, Bybit has been a registered crypto platform in the British Virgin Islands area. Hence, in just 12 days, the competition has already enrolled over 12,000 participants. Bybit is allowing these crypto fans to pursue the mega-prize of 200 BTC and gain a digital wealth of nearly $2.4 million.

By registering to Bybit, users can take part in the 2020 World Series of Trading competition. Currently, this competition is driving the sentiment aligned to the rise in the daily active growth of BTC prices. In the past days, BTC prices have soared rapidly. This sharp price hike indicates that Bitcoin is set to experience sustainable conditions for its overall price expansion in the future. As Bitcoin gains more traction, more people are ready to invest in the cryptocurrency marketplace. New people interested in owning Bitcoins can also buy a fraction of the cryptocurrency, which is still worth thousands of dollars today. Competitions such as Bybit’s World Series of Trading are promoting such interests among people.

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