1exchange Partners with ACRA for Seamless Trading

 1exchange Partners with ACRA for Seamless Trading

Taking pride as Singapore’s trusted blockchain-powered exchange portal, 1exchange (1X) has entered into a strategic public-private partnership with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), the country’s corporate regulator.

The partnering firms will facilitate streamlined integration between the exchange and ACRA share register through a series of APIs, including Transfer of Shares APIs for 1exchange users. The service will allow real-time transfers of private assets, seamless registrations, and quick entry of stock updates in the share register and 1exchange’s blockchain channels.

As per the report, the integration will help to enhance the security standards within the blockchain and across the exchange’s core ecosystem. This will reduce the burden on the portal as there will not be a need to manage the share register manually, thereby facilitating easy, private share trading. The 1exchange portal is a renowned brand in the blockchain industry. The portal serves as the country’s first private exchange to attain a license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. It is a dedicated member of the CapBridge Financial Group too.

The Divisional Director of Customer Experience Division in ACRA, Ms. The Siok Hui, stated that the deal would help private companies to register their trading details directly from the source. This will ensure the accuracy of information. The team is devoted to enhancing the partnership with the private trading sector in the future.

A similar response was given by Mr. Jason U of Boardman firm and Mr. Ville Alexander Oehman of Davos Custody. The spearheads are confident that the pact will help to increase the trust in private equity incentive solutions. The investors will get seamless access to a transparent interface which will eventually help them expand their investment in the sector.

The adequate arrangements for secured trading and recording help firms raise capital, open unique opportunities for new investors, and offer incentives to workers through proper stock planning. This will help private unlisted firms to foster convenient stock transfers. Family groups can enjoy trading amongst the shareholders in a safe and secured way. The integration will help the 1exchange team initiate performance-oriented schemes for the evolving new talent in the sector. The exchange facilitates the easy listing of stocks and employee share trading. The user-friendly architecture of the exchange helps to provide liquidity for the new and experienced investors.

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